A Brief Introduction to Grim-Gaia Edit

Grim-Gaia is a grim-dark, high fantasy setting set in the world of Gaia. It is a hardcore campaign setting, known for its unforgiving nature and usually sinister villains. You can find pretty much all of the information needed to run a game in this setting in the sections below. Good luck!

Out of Game Knowledge Edit

This section contains the information needed to get started as an adventurer in Grim-Gaia.

Race and Class options Edit

The World Edit

This section contains the basic information about the world, such as the city names and even the map.

Deities of Grim-Gaia Edit

Heroes Thus Far Edit

This section details heroes of all campaigns that have taken place in the Grim-Gaia setting.

Lore Edit

This section describes the lore of the world, including details on each major campaign that has happened so far.

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